- clothes for the fashion-conscious woman

Caring is in our DNA – we care about our colleagues, our partners, and customers. We care that we deliver the best product possible in both quality, price, and durability. Our product is a reflection of our values, and we must always evolve, inspire, and be open to new innovations to stay relevant.

Our brand Soyaconcept is a colorful, feminine brand. We offer fashionable, high-quality womenswear, at
affordable prices, making it possible for every woman to be dressed stylishly and comfortably. That in itself may not be all that unique, but this is: Our collections are made for women. The female shape is our shape.

We launch six collections annually. They’re playful, yet elegant, designs, with light-hearted prints and high-quality fabrics. As the market’s demand change and evolve, so do we. We’re openminded and curious, and always ready to explore new initiatives.

Creating lasting fashion and styles we can be proud of is key to us. For us it’s not just about passing trends – it’s about style, and creating a wardrobe with high quality pieces that can last years. That being said, the demands we, as a fashion company, have to meet, have increased and intensified over the years – demands and requirements we follow and firmly believe in – because we care about the impact our business has on our planet and the people and animals on it.

We want to make the shopping experience easy and transparent, and provide you with the information you need to make the best choice for you. When you visit our webshop, you’ll on every product find information on the composition, special details, measurements and a care guide for your new product. We believe it is important to offerinformation about us, our daily work, and our products, to contribute to increased transparency.

Read more about our ambitions and CSR updates here.


The way we handle our products have an influence on the environmental impact and the product durability. We all wish to reduce our environmental impact and keep our products as long as possible.



At Soya Group A/S caring is in our DNA – we care about our colleagues, our partners, and our customers. Our commitment is to offer high-quality clothing at affordable prices, without sacrificing durability. Our products reflect our core values: ongoing evolution, inspiration, and a dedication to embracing innovation.